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Uncle Baron

I came across these all natural dog treats looking for some free samples. Uncle Baron makes all natural dog treats at awesome prices. They have Peanut butter and banana flavor, chicken and cheese flavor and Uncle Baron original which is like a bacon flavored treat. I must say Nolan LOVES these dog treats. All natural and super low price? Cant complain. Plus they have ways to earn free treats by liking their facebook page, following them on Twitter, etc.                                                IMG_2397 IMG_2398





I decided to try a Barkbox out after seeing so many advertisement’s for it on Facebook. They have different plans to choose from:

$29.99/1 month (auto-renews)

$23.00/ for 3 months (All fee’s are charged up-front)

$19.00/ for 6 months (All fee’s are charged up-front)

I did the 1 month $29.99 to test it out and see if I liked it, plus you can go online and find a bunch of coupon codes to save, I used FACEBOOK coupon code and saved $10 off

They also have a referral program which you can earn free boxes, my friend signed up for it using the referral link I sent her but my free box has not shown up on my account yet so I emailed them and I am waiting to hear back.

ImageThere were five items that came in the box:

Yumzies dog treats

A Barkbox safemade water bowl that you can take with you if you travel with your pup

Simply Fido crinkle monkey-my dog loves this item, it makes a crinkle noise when he plays with it

Backworthie 100% Beef bully stick

Leap-a wishbone shaped toy for teething puppies

All Barkboxes are built based on your dogs age and size which I find pretty neat.

All in all I think its worth the money as Nolan loved his box. I am going to order another one for December, I know they do themed boxes for the holidays so I am hoping a Christmas themed one will come in. Make sure to look online for coupon codes to save money on the boxes, they often have them posed of their Facebook page.